Back to my beautiful Athens

Athens is for me a wonderful, full of life city! Anything you ask for, you will find it… That’s for sure!


Athens is a contemporary city that combines classic architecture with modern one in a way that captivates you.

In the centre, you can find the ancient culture and spirit all over Plaka, Monastiraki, Psiri area. It’s my favorite place all over Athens!


When I was living in Athens, I used to visit the centre every Saturday morning or afternoon, starting from Syntagma square where Ermou Str. begins down to Monastiraki square and then right, towards Plaka for a coffee and a sweet or an ouzo and a meze.

Ermou Str. is the most commercial street in the area and you can do window shopping for hours… 😉 It is a street only for pedestrians so you feel free to look around and it is also full of cafés to rest for a while…


Plaka is the old Athens!!! It’s magical, romantic, mesmerazing… A perfect place to relax and enjoy your company. You think that you are travelling back to time every time you visit the area. And of course, Acropolis, is in the area and everyone should pay a visit to feel the magic of the ancient times!!! And the amazing museum of Acropolis is worth visiting!!!


Anafiotika is an area in Plaka full of cozy and retro cafes and Yiasemi is my favorite one. Homemade sweets, aromatic coffees and delicious plates! Try it!


And finally, Athens by night and what is better than a glass of wine? Vintage wine bar & bistro is the perfect spot for a night of quality wines, dishes and friendly atmosphere!Vintage

  Visit Athens as soon as possible and enjoy each moment!!! 





Preveli palm beach – Beauty of the day

One of the most beautiful places in Crete, Greece, is Preveli beach and it’s palm forest! It’s in the south part of Crete in the municipality of Rethymnon.

The river is surrounded by hundreds of palms creating a picture of absolute beauty!!! Magical… It ends at the Libyan sea forming a small lagoon. The water is really cold but refreshing at the same time.

It’s worth visiting! Don’t miss the opportunity if you are around…

Let’s get lost in paradise!!!

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Bucharest surprised me

I’ve recently visited a friend in Bucharest having low expectations for the city… Even though my mother had informed me that it is a beautiful city. I arrived at 2 o’clock in the morning and we had the most magical drive around the sleeping city!!! It was like travelling back in time!!! Speechless… The old good preserved buildings, the large avenues, the flowers all over the place… Everything was amazing!!!image

The next two days were also fascinating… The old city was full of history and the streets were full of tourists strolling around, taking photos, drinking a coffee or a beer. The modern buildings were also amazing blending in  balance with the old ones.

Large parks full of people having a walk, running, having a picnic, doing sports. A place full of energy and positivity. And the lake was wonderful during night and day with lots of coffees, bars and restaurants around.


Congratulations for loving and caring for your city!!! Wow Bucharest!!!
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