Sweet November!!!


Winter is entering at a slow pace… What is better than sweets and a coffee to enjoy the chilly weather with the good company of friends!!!

Here at the old city of Nicosia at the Duosmos & Kanella Café.


Enjoy November!!!


In love with Pineapples – Beauty of the day


Exotic fruits are so peculiar in sight and taste that makes them very attractive to me! I like anything different and rare especially when it comes to food.


Pineapples are beautiful and delicious and always make me happy!!!

Pineapple = smile and happiness


The only problem is that it is difficult to peel them. But my man is very helpful in the kitchen so I don’t worry about that.


Remember… beauty is everywhere!!!!

The best sweets from Amman – Beauty of the day

Espresso time is one of my favorite one during the day. When my coffee is accompanied by delicious, crunchy and fresh sweets from Amman, Jordan, the experience is superb!!!


And of course, you can not have just one… Right? I am sure you all agree…

Take a look!!! Sorry but it is still impossible to taste and smell them online.

Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets is the best pastry shop in Amman and is very famous for its freshmade Arabic sweets!


Thank you George for your sweet present!!! 
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Greek Summer is still here – Beauty of the day

Living currently in Cyprus does not mean that the Greek traditional summer moments are away… We discovered a Greek corner at Protaras bay and we enjoyed it to the most.

Ouzo on the rocks and meze: tomatoes, cheese and ham, olives, cucumber and bread sticks!!! The best food after the beach and couple of hours of swimming and suntanning!!!

Yes!!! Summer is still here and Greece is always in our heart!!!

Time to go back home…
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Sushi lovers

I love food! Almost all kind of food… I love to taste new recipes, weird recipes from all over the world.

Sushi is one of my favorite cuisine. Tonight we chose Akakiko at the Hilton Park hotel that is next to our house. Always a great choice!

Chop sticks is also one more reason why I love sushi… The way you eat Japanese food is enjoyable and fun!!!

It was long since my last time, but I will be back soon…

Which is your favorite cuisine?

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We ordered too much food… Food for home… hihi      Goodnight!!! 

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Cretan Ntakos – Beauty of the day

Ntakos is a traditional dish in Crete and it’s very popular in the summer. Crispbread covered with olive oil, pieces of tomatoes and feta cheese, olives and extra oil on top is the classic recipe.

I had two, one big one small, and they were delicious!!!!

If you visit Crete don’t miss it!!! It is also called “Koukouvagia” (means “owl”)…

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Love for pancakes – Beauty of the day

One photo… thousand words!!!

“The Boys” in Nicosia make the best brunch in the city!!! I had pancakes with berries and a lemonade with berries!!! Berries, berries,berries… Yummi

The place is small, cozy and friendly. And we had company… Konstantinos Kavafis, the famous Greek poet (1863-1933), was sitting next to us with his big, examining eyes looking at us… 
And the rest of the menu is nice and delicious as well.

Have a great day!!!

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Green power – Beauty of the day

What is better than a juice on a hot day in the center of the city?

I had some free time today at noon and I visited one of my favorite cafe downtown, the Artigiano espresso and wine bar. Instead of a coffee I chose a fresh juice to tone myself up. It was a mixture of fruits and vegetables: pineapple, bananas, selery, broccoli and one more…. mmm I can’t remember now. Anyway the “Green Power” juice was delicious and refreshing.

And I admit that I made a sin… I had a carrot cake as well!!! It made my day and that’s what matters, right?

The Beauty of my day!!! 
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