Sweet November!!!


Winter is entering at a slow pace… What is better than sweets and a coffee to enjoy the chilly weather with the good company of friends!!!

Here at the old city of Nicosia at the Duosmos & Kanella Café.


Enjoy November!!!


Mrs is always right!!! 

Recently I received a present from my sister. Two espresso cups that I instantly adored!!! The moto is what makes the difference of course…


Mr Right & Mrs always Right!!! 

My boyfriend does not agree with it but it’s normal… hehe

What do you think about it? 

I’m just joking… We enjoyed our espresso coffee and our cookies and relaxed next to each other! That’s what matters…

Hanging out with Jo Nesbo and a coffee


One of my favourite habits is reading my book in a cozy cafe. Especially in Cyprus as my free time is more than any other time in my life. I enjoy the whole process, the routine… From preparing my bag and make sure everything is in place to ordering my coffee and selecting my table to rest and read my book.

I love my coffee hot, strong and delicious! And my book has to be interesting with strong structure and an original story like Jo Nesbo’s books. Hary Hole and his adventurous investigations fascinates me!!!

Best time of the day! Beauty of the day!!!
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