In love with Pineapples – Beauty of the day


Exotic fruits are so peculiar in sight and taste that makes them very attractive to me! I like anything different and rare especially when it comes to food.


Pineapples are beautiful and delicious and always make me happy!!!

Pineapple = smile and happiness


The only problem is that it is difficult to peel them. But my man is very helpful in the kitchen so I don’t worry about that.


Remember… beauty is everywhere!!!!


The best sweets from Amman – Beauty of the day

Espresso time is one of my favorite one during the day. When my coffee is accompanied by delicious, crunchy and fresh sweets from Amman, Jordan, the experience is superb!!!


And of course, you can not have just one… Right? I am sure you all agree…

Take a look!!! Sorry but it is still impossible to taste and smell them online.

Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets is the best pastry shop in Amman and is very famous for its freshmade Arabic sweets!


Thank you George for your sweet present!!! 
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Powerful memory

I came across a photo of me hugging a unicorn in a pool and smiling… That period of time was one of the most difficult one in my life so far. I survived due to good friends and their positive energy that inspired me and gave me strength.

I thought of the unicorn as a symbolism that day… I made a wish and I decided to move on the best way I could. I smiled and dreamed of a future of pure happiness and love! It took a while but it happened. Everything needs a lot of effort but most of all we have to believe in ourselves, to forgive the others and have a positive attitude!

Dreams have power so let’s keep on dreaming!!!
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Greek Summer is still here – Beauty of the day

Living currently in Cyprus does not mean that the Greek traditional summer moments are away… We discovered a Greek corner at Protaras bay and we enjoyed it to the most.

Ouzo on the rocks and meze: tomatoes, cheese and ham, olives, cucumber and bread sticks!!! The best food after the beach and couple of hours of swimming and suntanning!!!

Yes!!! Summer is still here and Greece is always in our heart!!!

Time to go back home…
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Designing the future

I am so curious about what the future brings…

When I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming an innovative and extreme architect… Design, lines, curves, height, lighting… they were magical and inspiring to me. So now, when I see a new construction that can transfer you to a future, imaginative era is always a pleasure!!!

I am happy that such building are constructed in my neighbor.

The modern living is here!
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Starting a new book 

Jo Nesbo has become my favorite writer and it is always pleasure to read any of his book. Especially I enjoy the moment I am picking a book and the moment I am starting reading it. This morning I took my new book “The Phantom” and went to Artigiano espresso and wine to enjoy it.

I had a refreshing green machine juice and a delicious croissant!!!

Good morning everyone!!!

Which is your favorite writer or book this period?  
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Reflections on water


Reflections on the water are my favorite ones as I love water deeply and in everyway… looking at the sea, swimming, snorkeling, get wet by  the rain, taking a shower, drinking it…

This photo has been taken on my holidays this summer at Elounda, Crete – Greece. Pool – Water – Sea in the background and me reflecting on the water…

Peaceful time, relaxing moment!!!

Beauty of that day!!!

I miss holidays already… How about you?

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