Beach in motion – Beauty of the day

Relaxing moments on the beach… Elounda is the ideal place to relax and forget all of your problems and worries. Sensimar Elounda Village Resort & Spa by Aquila is one of the best spots to offer you great satisfaction!


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Preveli palm beach – Beauty of the day

One of the most beautiful places in Crete, Greece, is Preveli beach and it’s palm forest! It’s in the south part of Crete in the municipality of Rethymnon.

The river is surrounded by hundreds of palms creating a picture of absolute beauty!!! Magical… It ends at the Libyan sea forming a small lagoon. The water is really cold but refreshing at the same time.

It’s worth visiting! Don’t miss the opportunity if you are around…

Let’s get lost in paradise!!!

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Cretan Ntakos – Beauty of the day

Ntakos is a traditional dish in Crete and it’s very popular in the summer. Crispbread covered with olive oil, pieces of tomatoes and feta cheese, olives and extra oil on top is the classic recipe.

I had two, one big one small, and they were delicious!!!!

If you visit Crete don’t miss it!!! It is also called “Koukouvagia” (means “owl”)…

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Penelope’s fidelity

How sweet is it to have someone next to you who loves you, feels you and cares about you no matter what? It’s very sweet and surely priceless!!! Penelope it’s her name… and she is a Norwegian forest cat.


She is gentle and intelligent, alert and active. Of course, she sleeps a lot and she gets bored easily. Her fur is long and soft and you enjoy to caress her.


And yes, she loves Art like me… Check her in the above photo staring at the painting…

She is adorable… especially under the pillow or the duvet hiding herself!

Looking towards the future… Meow

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Love for pancakes – Beauty of the day

One photo… thousand words!!!

“The Boys” in Nicosia make the best brunch in the city!!! I had pancakes with berries and a lemonade with berries!!! Berries, berries,berries… Yummi

The place is small, cozy and friendly. And we had company… Konstantinos Kavafis, the famous Greek poet (1863-1933), was sitting next to us with his big, examining eyes looking at us… 
And the rest of the menu is nice and delicious as well.

Have a great day!!!

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Green power – Beauty of the day

What is better than a juice on a hot day in the center of the city?

I had some free time today at noon and I visited one of my favorite cafe downtown, the Artigiano espresso and wine bar. Instead of a coffee I chose a fresh juice to tone myself up. It was a mixture of fruits and vegetables: pineapple, bananas, selery, broccoli and one more…. mmm I can’t remember now. Anyway the “Green Power” juice was delicious and refreshing.

And I admit that I made a sin… I had a carrot cake as well!!! It made my day and that’s what matters, right?

The Beauty of my day!!! 
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Hanging out with Jo Nesbo and a coffee


One of my favourite habits is reading my book in a cozy cafe. Especially in Cyprus as my free time is more than any other time in my life. I enjoy the whole process, the routine… From preparing my bag and make sure everything is in place to ordering my coffee and selecting my table to rest and read my book.

I love my coffee hot, strong and delicious! And my book has to be interesting with strong structure and an original story like Jo Nesbo’s books. Hary Hole and his adventurous investigations fascinates me!!!

Best time of the day! Beauty of the day!!!
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