A day at Limassol Marina

Saturday, 30 July 2016

A sunny, hot day relaxing at Limassol Marina while the rest are sunbathing somewhere nearby or at Protaras beach… It’s quiet and peaceful! The perfect time and day to enjoy Limassol!


The humidity is an issue but it’s always an issue in Cyprus… You just stay indoors and enjoy the seaview!

And after a coffee and a refreshment, some seafood and a beer is a must!!!

Feeling happy and relaxed, it’s time to go back home! Bye bye…

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Purple magic – Beauty of the day

Nature is colorful and surprising. Every time I look around I find a masterpiece!
Blue and purple are the most magical and inspiring colors to me. I can’t take my eyes off them…
And I want to catch the beauty for ever… Click

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Bucharest surprised me

I’ve recently visited a friend in Bucharest having low expectations for the city… Even though my mother had informed me that it is a beautiful city. I arrived at 2 o’clock in the morning and we had the most magical drive around the sleeping city!!! It was like travelling back in time!!! Speechless… The old good preserved buildings, the large avenues, the flowers all over the place… Everything was amazing!!!image

The next two days were also fascinating… The old city was full of history and the streets were full of tourists strolling around, taking photos, drinking a coffee or a beer. The modern buildings were also amazing blending in ┬ábalance with the old ones.

Large parks full of people having a walk, running, having a picnic, doing sports. A place full of energy and positivity. And the lake was wonderful during night and day with lots of coffees, bars and restaurants around.


Congratulations for loving and caring for your city!!! Wow Bucharest!!!
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